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Great Seal of North Dakota

Great Seal of North Dakota

The Great Seal of North Dakota is owned by the state of North Dakota and cannot be reproduced or modified without the permission of the North Dakota Secretary of State. It may never be used in advertising or for commercial purposes.

The Great Seal of North Dakota shows a tree with three bundles of wheat around the trunk, a plow, an anvil, a large hammer, a bow with three arrows, and an American Indian chasing a bison toward the setting sun.

Above the tree is a half-circle of 42 stars. Above the stars is the state motto, “Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and Inseparable.” The date “October 1st” is on the left side of the seal, and the year “1889” is on the right. Large lettering at the top says “Great Seal,” and the same size lettering at the bottom says “State of North Dakota.”

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