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North Dakota History Textbooks


North Dakota History: Readings about the Northern Plains State is primarily intended as a high school textbook and is designed to promote and encourage a better understanding of the state’s history.

The content in North Dakota History has been collected from more than 100 years of articles published by the State Historical Society of North Dakota. This anthology is enriched with several first-person accounts that invite readers to listen to one person’s experience at a particular time in North Dakota’s past. In addition, more than 340 historical photographs of events, places, people, and objects bring the past into clearer perspective.

The articles presented in North Dakota History are grouped into seven units arranged in chronological order. Each unit is introduced by a narrative that briefly develops the outline of important events of that era in state history.

Primary Document Sets


Primary document sets, designed to accompany and supplement North Dakota History, are designed to enhance the study of the history of North Dakota from the pre-historic era to the present.

Teacher Resource Guide

A Teacher Resource Guide is available to accompany North Dakota History. The purpose of the Teacher Resource Guide is to assist the teacher in teaching about North Dakota History. It is intended to be interdisciplinary and to act as a guide to supplement other activities that may be used in the classroom.

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