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North Dakota: People Living on the Land

North Dakota People Living On The Land

Online Curriculum – Coming October 2014

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North Dakota: People Living on the Land
, will be an online grade 8 curriculum that will focus on primary source documents from the Archives of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Scheduled for completion in the fall of 2014, a team of professional educators is currently researching content that will help students become engaged learners. The team is also focusing on the development of teacher activities and other resources that will accompany the new curriculum.

North Dakota: People Living on the Land is being designed around the use, interpretation, and understanding of primary source documents. The use of primary source documents has become a standard practice in teaching history at every level. Government documents, letters, diaries, photographs, and maps help to bring history alive for students. Students begin to understand how ordinary people lived their lives, how societies organized, how government works, what families were like, and how history was, and is, recorded.