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American Indians of North Dakota

Literature for Classroom Use

Children’s Reading List of American Indian books.

Authors Titles
Adler, D.A. A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark
Byrd Baylor I’m In Charge of Celebrations (poetry)
Dave Bouchard and Roy Henry Vickers The Elders Are Watching
Beverly Brodsky Buffalo (narrative and poetry)
Joseph Bruchac A Boy Called Slow
Dog People: Native Dog Stories
Lynne Cherry A River Ran Wild
Caron Lee Cohen The Mud Pony
Judith Hoffman Corwin Native American Crafts of the Plains and Plateau
Stewart Culin Games of the North American Indians (Volume 2: Games of Skill)
Paul Goble Buffalo Woman
The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman
The Great Race Beyond the Ridge
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
The Gift of the Sacred Dog
Death of the Iron Horse
Dream Wolf Iktomi and the Coyote
Iktomi and the Buffalo Skull
The Return of the Buffaloes
Storm Maker’s Tipi
Star Boy
Susan Jeffers Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
Jennifer Berry Jones (North Dakota Author) Heetunka’s Harvest: A Tale of the Plains Indians
Bobbie Kahman Celebrating the Powwow
Gladys Laubin The Indian Tipi: Its History, Construction, and Use
Allan and Paulette Macfarlan Handbook of American Indian Games
Joseph M. Marshall III How Not To Catch Fish & Other Adventures of Iktomi (CD with stories and music included)
Rafe Martin and David Shannon The Rough-Face Girl (Similar to Cinderella except set in American Indian culture)
Becky Ray MeCain Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher
Mary Powell Wolf Tales: Native American Children’s Stories
John Steptow The Story of Jumping Mouse: A Native American Legend Retold and Illustrated
Augusta Stevenson Sitting Bull
Tso Dream Catchers
Jane Yolen Sky Dogs (poetry)