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Literature for Classroom Use


The Wilderness Society of Australia lists the children’s literature environmental awards for years 1995–2007. There are several pieces of children’s literature that could be adapted to the study of North Dakota’s ecosystems.

Wetlands Reading List Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 lists and describes in sections, according to reading level: Primary, Elementary, Intermediate, and Secondary. Following each section, additional books are listed with the section describing the book in parenthesis. Excellent resource of children’s literature related to the study of wetlands!

Authors Titles
Anderson, M. Leapfrogging Through Wetlands (Discovery Library)
Collard, S.B. Our Wet World
Cortesi, W.W. (1976). Small Habitats. Charles Scribner & Sons: New York.
Dewey, J.O. (1987). At the Edge of the Pond. Little, Brown and Company: Boston
Fowler, A. Life in a Wetland
Hirschi, R. (1987). Who Lives in Alligator Swamp? Dodd, Mead & Co., Inc.: New York.
Kalman, B. & Bishop A. What Are Wetlands?
Lavies, B. (1989). Lily Pad Pond. E.P. Dutton: New York.
Lawler, L. (2007). This Tender Place: A Story of a Wetland Year. ISBN: 0-299-21464-8
McClung, R.M. (1980). Green Darner. Wm. Morrow & Co.: New York.
Stille, D.R. Wetlands
Williams, T.T. (1985). Between Cattails. Charles Scribner & Sons: New York

Authors Titles
Bouchard, D. If You’re Not from the Prairie.
ISBN: 0-689-82035-6
Bouchard, D. Prairie Born. ISBN: 1-55143-092-4
Bunting, E. & G. Shed. Dandelions. ISBN: 0-15-200050-X
George, J. C. One Day in the Prairie
Harvey, B. My Prairie Christmas. ISBN: 0-8234-0827-2
Harvey, B. My Prairie Year: Based on the Diary of Elenore Plaisted. ISBN: 0-8234-0604-0
Lee, E. (1998). Bluestem Horizon: A Story of a Tallgrass Prairie
N/A The Hole Story, A Children’s Story About Prairie Wildlife

Authors Titles
Currie, P. The Albertosaurus Mystery: Phillip Currie’s Hunt in the Badlands
Ransom, C. Bones in the Badlands: Time Spies (Book 2)


The Forest Shop has numerous children’s books on forests, woodlands, nature, etc. It is a comprehensive and useful list.

The Forest Shop has a field guide site including anything found in nature. Excellent site!

Riparian Areas

River Connections in Children’s Literature covers fiction stories with river, stream, book, or creek settings; folktales, myths, and legends; geography; rivers and people around the world—nonfiction and fiction; poetry, historical fiction and nonfiction on rivers in history; river life—animals and atmosphere; water and the water cycle; and chapter books. This is a wonderful, informative, and educational site that enables the teacher to incorporate children’s literature into the study of wetlands or riparian habitats.

Authors Titles
Bains, Rae Wonders of Rivers
Cherry, Lynne A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History
Kurtz, Jane River Friendly, River Wild
Stephen, Richard Our Planet: Rivers