Course Activities

Enrich Your Knowledge

North Dakota: People Living on the Land includes more than 100 topics based on primary sources from various archives and libraries in North Dakota, especially the State Historical Society of North Dakota.   For each topic, you will be able to choose from one or more activities that are predominantly learner-directed, requiring minimal teacher direction. Some of the activities lend themselves to independent learning, while others might be better used in partner settings or in small groups.

In addition to topic-specific activities, you will also find general activities. The general activities include an assortment of activities that may be used to enhance any topic.

The topic-specific activities include those related to the reading and corresponding primary sources (i.e., photos, documents, images), and here you will find the following categories of activities: Learning from Historical Documents (i.e., document analysis, data analysis, photo analysis, cause and effect, compare and contrast); Reading a Map; Organizing Data (e.g., charts, graphic organizers); Debate/Discussion; and Creative Interpretation (e.g., writing, poetry, music, plays, imagine if. . . ).

Since North Dakota: People Living on the Land provides a differentiated approach to teaching and learning, you will be able to select activities and assessments to suit particular learning styles. The engaging and useful learning and assessment tools will give you a chance to visually organize information in a meaningful way, as well as help you think critically and creatively for maximum learning.

All topic activities found in this course are based on what you should know, understand, and be able to do in order to get the most from North Dakota: People Living on the Land.