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Governing North Dakota, 2015-2017

Maps, Charts, and Graphics

Chapter 1

Weaknessess of the Articles of Confederation

Chapter 2

Article XIX: Distributing State Institutions
Amending the North Dakota Constitution

Chapter 3

North Dakota's Legislative Branch
North Dakota: 47 Legislative Districts
North Dakota: Party Affiliation Legislative Assembly
North Dakota Legislative Assembly: Standing Committees
How a Bill Becomes Law

Chapter 4

Chart of Governer's Cabinet
North Dakota's Colleges and Universities
North Dakota Governors Since Statehood

Chapter 5

North Dakota's Judicial System
North Dakota's 7 Judicial Districts
North Dakota: Classes of Crime and Penalties
Uniform Crime Report -- Crime Rate and Crime Index

Chapter 6

Citizen Participation
North Dakota Voter Turnout
2012 Election Calendar
2010 Election Results
North Dakota Elected Officials: Years of Election

Chapter 7

North Dakota Political Parties: The District Committee
Party Organization: Timetable

Chapter 8

North Dakota Counties and County Seats
North Dakota County Statistics
County Government

Chapter 9

Mayor-Council Form of Government
City Commission Form of Government
Council-Manager Form of Government

Chapter 10

Numbering Townships
Number of Townships in Each County
Township Government
North Dakota Counties with No Townships

Chapter 11

North Dakota School Districts, 2011
Enrollment in North Dakota's 10 Largest School Districts
Regional Education Associations
Funding Sources for K-12 Education
North Dakota Soil Conservation Districts
Soil Conservation Districts: Five Regions
Garrison Conservancy District
Northwest Area Water Supply
Southwest Water Authority
Lake Agassiz Water Authority

Chapter 12

North Dakota: 2011-2013 General Fund Revenue Sources
North Dakota Tax Collections, 1998-2010
North Dakota: 2011 Corporation Income Tax Rates
North Dakota: 2011 Individual Income Tax Rates
North Dakota: 2011-2013 Legislative Appropriations
North Dakota Cities with Local Sales Taxes
North Dakota: 2011-2013 Estimated General Fund Revenues
Property Taxes by Taxing District, Percentages
North Dakota: 2011-2013 Legislative Appropriations