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Governing North Dakota 2015-2017

Bullet Points

Chapter 1      North Dakota and the Federal System  
The Year the U.S. Constitution Was Adopted 1787
Number of Words in the U.S. Constitution About 6,000
Created Two Houses of Congress Connecticut Compromise
First Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights
Number of Amendments to the U.S. Constitution Today 27
Powers in the Constitution Reserved to the National Government Delegated Powers
Powers in the Constitution Intended for the National Government Implied Powers


Chapter 2      North Dakota Adopts a Constitution
Dakota Territory Established 1861
Number of Delegates to North Dakota's 1889 Constitutional Convention 75
North Dakota Statehood Proclaimed November 2, 1889
Number of Words in the North Dakota Constitution About 18,746
Number of Articles in the Original North Dakota Constitution 20
Number of Articles in the Current North Dakota Constitution 13
Number of Ways to Amend the North Dakota Constitution 2


Chapter 3      Legislature Passes Laws
Number of Legislative Districts 47
Average Number of Residents in Each Legislative District 14,311
Largest Legislative District—In Area District 39
Number of State Senators 47
Number of State Representatives 94
Number of Chambers in a Bicameral Legislature 2
Only state with a Unicameral Legislature Nebraska
Number of Bills Introduced During Legislative Sessions 900-1000
Number of Signatures Needed to Initiate or Refer a State Law 13,452


Chapter 4      The Governor Leads the Executive Branch
Governor of North Dakota Jack Dalrymple
Lt. Governor of North Dakota Drew Wrigley
Only North Dakota Governor Ever Recalled Lynn J. Frazier, 1921
Number of Elected State Officials 13
Number of State Agencies Directly Under the Governor 17
Term for Most Elected State Officials 4 years
Number of Public Service Commissioners 3
Often Referred to as the "Fourth Branch of Government" Board of Higher Education


Chapter 5      North Dakota Courts and the Judicial Branch
Highest Court in North Dakota North Dakota Supreme Court
Number of Justices on the Supreme Court 5
Number of Judicial Districts in North Dakota 8
Number of District Court Judges 51
Annual Number of District Court Case Filings 188,000
Number of North Dakota Citizens Summoned for Jury Duty Annually 6,500
Number of Juvenile Drug Courts 6


Chapter 6      Elections and Voting
Number of Voting Precincts in North Dakota, 1960 2,300
Number of Voting Precincts in North Dakota, 2014 427
Percentage of North Dakotans Voting in 2014 47%
Percentage of U.S. Citizens Voting in 2014 36%
Percentage of North Dakotans Who Voted By Mail or Absentee in 2014 35%


Chapter 7      Political Parties and the Political Process
Month for North Dakota's Primary Election June
Purpose of the Political Party "Out-of-Power" Loyal Opposition
Year the Nonpartisan League Joined the Democratic Party 1956
First Level of Political Party Organization Precinct
Number of Signatures a Candidate Needs for the Ballot 300
North Dakota's Chief Election Officer Secretary of State


Chapter 8      County Government
Number of North Dakota Counties 53
First North Dakota County Organized Pembina, 1867
Last North Dakota County Organized Grant, 1916
Number of County Commissioners 3 or 5
Number of Counties with Home Rule 10
Most Populous County Cass County
Least Populous County Slope County
Largest Source of County Revenue Property Taxes


Chapter 9      Municipal Government
Number of Incorporated Cities in North Dakota, 2013 357
Most Common City Government in North Dakota Mayor-Council
Number of Cities with a City Commission 27
Only City with a Council-Manager Government Minot
Percentage of North Dakota Cities with a City Council 90%
Most Important Source of Revenue for North Dakota Cities Property Tax
Number of North Dakota Cities with Less Than 100 People 132 (37%)


Chapter 10      Township Government
Number of Sections in a Township 36
Number of Acres in a Section of Land 640
Number of Congressional Townships at Statehood, 1889 1,800
Number of North Dakota Townships, 2015 1,317
Number of North Dakota Counties with No Townships 5
North Dakota County with the Most Townships Stutsman
Number of Supervisors in most Townships 3


Chapter 11      Special Districts
Number of Public School Districts Operating, 2015 179
Number of Public School Students, 2015 106,338
Percentage of State-supported K–12 Education Funding, 2015 80%
Number of Irrigation Districts, 2015 13
Number of Counties in the Garrison Conservancy District 28
Number of Soil Conservation Districts, 2015 55
Number of Fire Protection Districts, 2015 240+


Chapter 12      Financing State and Local Government
Generates the Most Revenue for the State Sales Tax
The State Spends the Most on This Function Human Services
North Dakota's Sales Tax Rate 5%
A Tax on Severing Minerals from the Ground Severance Tax
Only State-Owned Institution of Its Kind in the Nation Bank of North Dakota
The Year North Dakotans Approved a State Lottery 2002
Amount of the 2015–2017 State Budget (All Funds) $14,200,396,794
Number of North Dakota Cities that Levy a Local Sales Tax 135
One-tenth of a Cent (.001¢)—For Property Tax Purposes Mill