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Keeper of the Fire

Keeper of the Fire

Materials Needed

  • 3 small twigs
  • Blindfold for each group of 4–6 students
  1. Select someone to be blindfolded. This person kneels in front of a small pile of twigs representing a fire. His or her job is to protect the fire and to keep anyone who comes near it away.
  2. Another person from the team announces his/her coming by saying “I’m coming to get your fire” before quietly sneaking up to the keeper to try to steal one or more twigs.
  3. The object is to try and get all 3 of the twigs. When all 3 twigs are taken, or if the attackers were touched each time they attempted to steal a twig, a new keeper is chosen and the game resumes.

More information can be found in the book

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