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Writing Activities

Writing Activities
  • The United States is sometimes referred to as a “nation of immigrants,” a “salad bowl,” or “melting pot.” Ask students to think about these questions. What do these terms mean to you? How has immigration affected you in North Dakota? Should North Dakota continue to open its state to immigrants who want to settle here?
  • Have students write thoughts on “What it means to be an American.”
  • Have students write a story about what can happen in a community where people do not exercise their responsibilities to be good citizens.
  • Suppose that we did not have a national government. Each state would be a separate country (e.g., have its own army, its own money, etc.). Have students make a list of problems that might occur in this situation.
  • Have students write a story with the title “Every Vote Counts.” In the story, have them show how just one person’s vote can make a difference.
  • Ask students to think about these questions. Why does the United States and each of the 50 states, including North Dakota, have a flag? What does the flag represent? What does the eagle represent to you?
  • Have students research and write a biography of someone serving in state or local government in North Dakota. Have them find out as much information as they can about this elected individual. A classroom bulletin board can be created entitled “Elected Officials of North Dakota.”