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The USS North Dakota: Naval Arms Limitation Treaty 1922 - Activities

Treaty Activities

Choose one or more of the following activities to explore the ideas of armament and peace.

  1. Establish two teams to debate the concept of disarmament based on the following resolution:

    Resolved: A well-trained and well-armed Navy was the best deterrent to war until 1941.
  2. Establish two teams to debate the following resolution:

    Resolved: The cost of building the All Big Gun ships (or dreadnoughts) was a worthwhile investment in the security of the United States.
  3. Read about the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (1969 – 1972) at the State Department web site

    Compare the SALT treaty to the Washington Naval Arms Limitation Treaty in its scope and purpose.
  4. Read the Navy Budgets

    Read the national budgets (after 1900)

Compare the budgets for the Navy and for the United States for several years. Are those war years? Can you see trends toward more naval building and less naval building? What accounts for increases and decreases in the naval budget?