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USS North Dakota: Fourth Grade Lesson Photos


Silver Service Set

The Silver Service on display at the State Historical Society.
A picture North Dakota hangs on the wall behind the platter. C1518-5.

Silver Punch Bowl

The punch bowl is the single largest piece of the set.
The design includes many symbols of North Dakota. 0018-24-01.

Bison Handle (Punch Bowl)

The handles of the punch bowl are shaped like the heads
of the bison that used to roam the plains of North Dakota. 0018-24-02.

Reception at the State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1926
When the Silver Service was returned to North Dakota in 1926,
it was honored with a reception at the State Historical Society.
This photo shows the set prepared for the reception. C0307-3.

Leaders of North Dakota with the punch bowl, 1926

Governor and Mrs. Sorlie serve punch using the silver ladle
and punch cups to former governor and North Dakota Supreme Court Justice John Burke. The director of the State Historical Society and the State Librarian
stand beside the two governors at the reception for the Silver Service. 0099-0284.