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Symbols, Languages, and Clothing

Symbols, Languages, and Clothing

Language of Native tribes. Includes the Dakota/Lakota language.

Pictures of several pieces of art using beadwork from several different tribes.

Interactive map which shows all the various types of moccasins that were worn by American Indians. Informational and good!

Breechcloth, leggings, and apron panels pictures and explanations

Several pictures of American Indian beadwork on shirts and other articles of clothing.

This site shows the significance of the four directions and their related colors, along with the animals represented for each area. Also contains more Medicine Wheel web links.

Several links and books about the dream catcher. Learn more about this Indian art.

This site is a cultural background for the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Indians. Informative site!

Includes information on the Medicine Wheel, sacred circles, sweat lodges, and much more.

All four of these sites are great for seeing many of the American Indian symbols used in pictographs, winter counts, etc.