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September 11, 1922

September 11, 1922


My dear Governor:
September 11, 1922 Letter to the Governor

Friday, October 27, 1922, will be Navy Day. On this day it is the intention to emphasise the services rendered by the Navy to the nation and civilisation in the World War and to recall the Navy’s high accomplishment throughout our history. And we would send to the men of the Navy on that day a message of confidence and good will from the people whose interests they guard.

The Navy is an instrument of peace. So long as the Navy holds the seas, war cannot blight our shores. Silently defending our legitimate interests upon the seas of the world, it is the insurer of our prosperity. Leading, as it did, in the sound policy of disarmament by agreement with the other great nations of the world, it is the practical advocate of peace.

I respectfully request that on Navy Day, Friday, October 27th, you call the attention of the people of your State, in whatever way you may deem appropriate, to the mutual dependence of the Navy and the people.


With great respect, I am,
Sincerely yours,


His Excellency, R. A. Nestos,
Governor of North Dakota,
Bismarck, North Dakota.