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Frontier: Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers

Have students produce a supply list of what the Corps of Discovery needed to get ready for the trip in the form of a mind map (example below). Divide the supply list into food, supplies, gifts for the Indians, weapons, etc. Under each category, give a brief explanation for including each item.

Mind Map

President Thomas Jefferson told Congress that the Corps of Discovery Expedition would cost $2,500. This amount was spent on supplies in St. Louis even before they had left. The total of the expedition came to $38,722.25. $15,000 was spent on supplies and salaries for the boatmen, and with each member of the Corps receiving a piece of land as a reward with the exception of York, the total topped $136,000. In today’s dollars, that’s more than $120 million. Have the students research what it costs to send astronauts to the moon or to outer space, and have them display graphically the costs of each expedition. Discuss whether or not the Corps of Discovery Expedition was a good investment.

Have students create a flow chart of the steps the laundresses in the military forts followed to wash clothes. Words or illustrations may be used to fulfill this task.

Have students graphically describe the classes of furs (fine and rough) through both words and illustrations.