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Frontier: Drawing


Have students draw items traded among the fur traders, Lewis and Clark, and the American Indians. Label each item and give each item a value that may have been used in bartering.

Have students draw a replica of a Red River cart along with a written explanation of how it was assembled. Extension: Have students create a model of the Red River cart out of supplies they have.

Have students draw an illustration of a typical steamboat found on the Red and Missouri Rivers. Research these steamboats for accuracy.

Using the following description written by Meriwether Lewis as he described a black woodpecker, have students follow the description given below to draw it, or have them partner up and have one student read the description as the other draws it.

  • “He is about the size of the turtle dove.”
  • “The beak is one inch in length, black, curved at the base and sharply pointed.”
  • “The top of the head, the back, the sides, and the upper surface of the wing are glossy green.”
  • “The tongue is barbed and pointed.”
  • “The eye is rather large, the pupil black and the iris of a dark and yellowish brown.”
  • “The tail is equipped with ten feathers.”
  • “The legs and feet are covered with scales.”
  • “He has four toes on each foot, two in the rear and two in the front.”
  • “The nails are much curved and remarkably sharp.”

Have students illustrate a pirogue (type of canoe dug out from a log) and/or a keelboat (large, flat-bottomed boat used for hauling cargo).