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Frontier: Books


Have students create an ABC Alphabet Book on Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery (e.g., A = Accuracy of Mapmaking, B = Beaver Hats, C = Corps of Discovery). Illustrate each page and share it with another classroom or place it in the school library.
Extension: Substitute with other topics such as Explorers of North Dakota, Fur Traders of North Dakota, or Military Life on the North Dakota Frontier.

Children's Literature Checklist

Have students create a timeline in book form of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through illustrations and explanations. An informative site follows. Other timeline books could include the fur trading and military forts established in North Dakota, along with relevant information for each.

Have students create an Explorer’s and Fur Trader’s Glossary with illustrations and definitions that younger children in lower grades could understand. Have students share with others in the classroom or place it in the school library for use by other students.

Have students create a book illustrating and describing 5–7 new animals, plants, sites, or people that the Lewis and Clark Expedition encountered.

Children's Literature Checklist

Have each student choose 3–5 things Sakakawea did that he/she thinks demonstrated courage or resourcefulness, and have each student illustrate them, adding a one-line caption to explain each picture.

Have students use vocabulary words to create a book or comic book of any part of the frontier life in North Dakota. Include words, definitions, and illustrations.

Children's Literature Checklist

Have students create a comic book on frontier military life in North Dakota.