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Energy: Powered by North Dakota

Welcome to Energy: Powered by North Dakota!  This new curriculum provides an in-depth look at North Dakota’s vast energy resources.  Energy: Powered by North Dakota is divided into two units – Level 1 (grade 4) and Level 2 (grade 8) – and each is designed as a two-week unit of study.  The content focuses on the state’s energy resources and each level is divided into five modules – Introduction to North Dakota Energy; Petroleum and Natural Gas; Coal; Wind, Hydro, Solar; and Biofuels, Geothermal and Recovered.

Choose from the five modules and start digging into the energy resources in North Dakota, how they're used, and how they affect you. Included are videos, maps, and photos that help you answer questions such as “Is a wind turbine blade as long as half of a football field?”  “How many North Dakota State Capitol buildings would you need to stack to reach the depth of an average Bakken well?”  “Are there 8,000 or 18,000 miles of pipelines in North Dakota?” Discover these answers and more within Energy: Powered by North Dakota.

Energy: Powered by North Dakota is made possible through a partnership with the North Dakota EmPower Commission, Bismarck State College’s Great Plains Energy Corridor, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota.


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