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Curriculum Aids

Knife River Early Village Life on the Plains site is filled with activities, lesson plans, and instructions on how to teach with historic places. Great!

To use in this unit, click on Social Studies and then Cultures Around the World-Native Americans to access American Indian games, names, songs and dances, poems and rhymes, and American Indian tales and stories. The Apples4theTeacher site also contains many other disciplines for teaching. Super site!

ProTeacher provides teachers with a wide assortment of materials for any subject area. To use in this unit, click on History, Culture, Native Americans Today, Native American Heritage, Plains Region to find a wide assortment of information on the Plains Indians. Activities include learning to speak and write the Lakota language, a visit to the Knife River Indian Village including several illustrations, and lots more! Great site

A complete Plains Indians’ Interdisciplinary Unit of Study by Erica Forti geared for first grade; however, there are some great ideas within it!

A great Introduction to North Dakota can be found on Netstate