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Conservation and Resource Management

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North Dakota is a unique place because it offers such a wide variety of habitats and wildlife. It is critical to educate students about the repercussions of land and resource misuse, as well as the benefits of careful preservation.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is concerned that future generations of citizens, leaders, and policy makers will not take into consideration the vital need for conservation and resource management, and the impact all people have on their surroundings.

To promote the teaching and learning about wildlife conservation and resource management, the North Dakota Studies program, in collaboration with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, is pleased to present five unit texts on the Habitats of North Dakota.

The unit materials also cover the current status of the habitat, threats to the habitat, and important reasons—beyond wildlife conservation—for preserving these habitats.

An additional benefit of this curriculum is that it provides students with a foundation from which to pursue their interests in wildlife management and conservation.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department hopes these materials will help educate students so that they can make a difference in the future of their state’s ecosystem.