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Citizenship: Symbols


Have students develop a North Dakota bookmark based on the state symbols.

Have students create a book of North Dakota's symbols, emblems, and mascots and give a brief explanation of each.

Have students create a seal representing their school community.

Blank Seal

Have students design a flag representing their own life and culture based on citizenship values.

Blank Flag

Before introducing the Great Seal of North Dakota to the students, have them each visualize, make a list of, and create what he/she thinks should be contained in the Great Seal of North Dakota. Then, work on the first two journal ideas below. Have the students reflect on their drawings. Were their ideas similar? What did they include on their original design that was not on the Great Seal? Discuss with a partner, small group, or entire class the importance and significance of symbols and what they can represent.

Great Seal of North Dakota

Find words that relate to any of the symbols used in North Dakota. What do each of these words mean to you, and why do you think they are an important part of our state's history?

Have students reflect on the description of the Great Seal of North Dakota (description appears below). What do they like about it? What would they keep the same? Change?

Partner students and have one read the description of the Great Seal while the other student draws what she/he hears. Share the drawing. This is a great listening activity while enhancing the visual-spatial intelligence of the students. The description for the Great Seal follows.

Great Seal Description
A tree in the open field, the trunk of which is surrounded by three bundles of wheat; on the right a plow, anvil and sledge; on the left, a bow crossed with three arrows, and an Indian on horseback pursuing a bison toward the setting sun; the foliage of the tree arched by a half circle of forty-two stars, surrounded by the motto "Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and Inseparable"; the words "Great Seal" at the top; the words "State of North Dakota" at the bottom; "October 1st" on the left and "1889" on the right.