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Citizenship: Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary Procedure

Have students role play any section of Robert's Rules of Order to better learn correct parliamentary procedure.

Have students write and illustrate a book, a comic book, or a set of cartoons on basic parliamentary procedures.

Children's Literature Checklist

Have the students run a weekly class meeting in which the classroom officers and helpers for the following week will be elected, as well as work on any unfinished or new business the class has to act upon (e.g., field trips, assemblies, etc.). After studying correct parliamentary procedure on how to run a business meeting, have the students create a general parliamentary procedure rule book from which to conduct the weekly meetings. The order of the meeting would be as follows:

  1. Call to order
  2. Reading of the minutes
  3. Election of new officers and helpers for the following week
  4. Unfinished business
  5. New business
  6. Adjournment

Students nominate and vote on a president (runs the meeting according to parliamentary procedure), vice president (writes the names of students nominated for each position on the board to be voted upon by the rest of the class and takes over duties of the president if the president is absent), and secretary (takes minutes of the meeting and writes the nominees and winner of each position in the secretary's book) by a show of hands with heads down. Classroom helpers are then nominated and elected in the same manner as the class officers. Typical classroom helpers might include gopher (does errands for the teacher), papers (hands out papers), desk inspectors (maintains neatness and orderliness of desks), librarian (keeps the classroom library orderly), board cleaner (cleans the boards in the classroom), etc.

Class Ballot

NOTE: Every student in the class has to have been in each of these positions first before students can be re-elected to a position they have had before (e.g., if Sally had already been president, she cannot be re-elected to this position until everyone in the class had been president first. The secretary's minutes will provide evidence for the class). Post the names next to their designated positions in a prominent place in the classroom until the following week.