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Citizenship: North Dakota Symbols

North Dakota Symbols

North Dakota State Government gives an extensive list of North Dakota’s symbols, etc. lists the state bird, flower, and many other items.

Class Brain primarily includes the animals of North Dakota. For example, it lists the characteristics, range, habitat, diet, life cycle, and behavior of the Western Meadowlark and information on the Northern Pike, the state fish.

NetState includes several state symbols and emblems. The list is quite detailed, as it includes the state dance, the state hymn, etc., along with the years each were adopted.

State Handbook & Guide includes a more extensive list of the state’s symbols, emblems, and mascots along with dates of adoption and how each came about. Find origin of the state name, view the state almanacs, the state timelines, and other state facts and statistics. can be used for studying all 50 states; however, North Dakota’s section is very detailed. Besides covering the state’s primary symbols and emblems, it includes additional North Dakota information such as political cartoonists along with lesson plans and numerous others activities.

NetState explains in detail the Great Seal of North Dakota.

American History includes lesson plans and activities that deal with U. S. patriotic symbols (e.g., bald eagle, United States flag, Liberty Bell).