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Citizenship: Election Process

Election Process

Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids explains the election process and is geared for grades 3-5.

Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids is geared for grades 6-8.

Election terms online games.

Fact Monster shows a step-by-step process on how the President gets elected. It is geared for students.

PBS Kids concentrates on the “Why vote?” question. It includes lesson plans to guide students in answering this question.

PBS Kids is an online game that informs students on how important their vote is. Students can also cast their own vote to answer the question, “If you were able to vote today, what kinds of issues would be most important to you?” They then create their own “Future Voter’s Card.”

Lower Hudson Regional Information Center is a series of animated slides that show how the President is elected.

ThinkQuest shows the road to the White House; how the President is elected.