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Citizenship: Discipline Plans and Class Meetings

Discipline Plans and Class Meetings

Classroom discipline plans and class meetings may be used as a vehicle to model the characteristics of good citizenship, the use of sound parliamentary procedure, the responsibilities and rights available when given choices, and the various roles of citizenship. Although there are several discipline plans that build on sound citizenship practices, only a few follow:

Judicious Discipline

Homepage for Judicious Discipline. A graphic of rights and responsibilities is displayed. Judicious Discipline is a philosophy which creates an environment that respects the citizenship rights of students. Informative site.

This site provides information about First Amendment Schools whose mission is to provide an evaluation tool for teachers and administrators and a clear description of what an ideal member of any school community should look and act like. It discusses their four civic habits of heart, voice, mind, and work.

Restitution Discipline

This site answers questions about the discipline plan called Restitution by Diane Gossen. It is based on William Glasser’s Control Theory in which students are taught how to problem solve to “fix” problems, thereby becoming more responsible citizens.