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Citizen: Branches of Government

Branches of Government

Have students use the three-circle Venn Diagram to list the similarities and differences for the three branches of North Dakota government.

Have students use a Concept Web to study the branches of government of North Dakota and to write characteristics of each branch in one Concept Web. This activity could be assigned to a small group of students and each member of the group would become the expert of one branch. When finished, each member would share the information researched with the other members of the group. To assess group participation and cooperation, use the Cooperative Group Rubric.
Extension: After placing information on a Concept Web, have the students transfer their information from the Concept Web in either narrative or poetry form.

Using a large piece of tag board, have the students create a poster board display demonstrating their knowledge of the branches of government of North Dakota listing the current people representing each position found within each branch. Here is a Poster Board Display rubric for evaluation.

Have students create a hanger mobile portraying the three branches of government.