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American Indians of ND: Vocabulary


The vocabulary cards in the Teacher Resource Guide may be enlarged or reprinted on card stock. Laminating the vocabulary cards will make them more durable and long-lasting. Additional vocabulary can be found in the Student Text. These words may be used for reviewing (e.g., Trivia, Jeopardy, or a student-created game board, poster board, etc.). The sky is the limit for the uses of these words! Several suggestions follow.

  • Create word games, word searches, mazes, crack the code, etc. These can be created by subscribing to edhelper. Edhelper grants the subscriber the right to reproduce as many worksheets as needed for noncommercial, individual, or classroom use.
  • Teacher Vision is another site that requires membership for some printable materials. However, there are many lesson plans, theme ideas, assessment tools, and other items for classroom use.
  • Use the American Indian vocabulary words as spelling words.
  • Students can partner and give each other a spelling test (written and/or oral).