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American Indians of ND: Powwows


Think, Pair, Share Activity on powwows. This technique may be used for any topic.

Before watching a video, researching the Internet (an example site), reading books on the topic, or attending a powwow, have each student think of and write down some of the times he/she has gotten together to have fun and celebrate with family, friends, and others (i.e., birthdays, Christmas parties, family reunions). The student will then share thoughts with a partner.

Share ideas by writing them down on a board or poster paper for the entire class to see.

Discuss some of the purposes or activities that all festivals or celebrations have in common (e.g., fun, feasting, dancing, singing, storytelling). By remembering these events, the students’ awareness of their family’s beliefs, customs, and traditions will be revealed.

View a powwow and have the students concentrate on the various types of dances, the regalia worn, the music played, and the other types of activities observed.

Use a two-circle Venn Diagram to compare and contrast an Indian powwow with a celebration chosen by each student.