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Literature for Classroom Use

Great Books for Social, Personal, and Health Education, and Citizenship. Topics include: developing confidence, responsibility, belonging to groups and communities, role as citizens, taking care of animals and the environment, respecting differences, etc. can be found at Random House.

Authors Titles
N/A Symbols of the U.S. Government: Ben’s Activity Book
ISBN: 0160723019
Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet From Far and Wide: A Canadian Citizenship Scrapbook
Fred Bratman Becoming a Citizen: Adopting a New Home
Angela Catalano Community Spirit: Symbols of Citizenship in Communities
Sarah De Capua Becoming a Citizen (True Book)
Robin S. Doak Citizenship
John Hamilton Becoming a Citizen (Government in Action!)
Branches of Government (Government in Action!)
Ellen Keller Kids Are Citizens (National Geographic Reading Expeditions)
Cindy Leaney Everyone Makes a Difference: A Story about Community
Suzanne Levert State Government
Nancy Loewen We Live Here Too: Kids Talk About Good Citizenship (Kids Talk)
Sue Pearson Tools for Citizenship and Life: Using the Lifelong Guidelines and Life Skills in Your Classroom
Janet Riehecky, Madonna M. Murphy Citizenship (First Facts)
Mary Elizabeth Salzmann I Am a Good Citizen (Building Character)
Frances Shuker-Haines Rights and Responsibilities: Using Your Freedom
Mary Small, Stacey Previn Being A Good Citizen (Way to Be!)
Susan Watson Improving the Quality of Life (Global Citizenship)
Understanding Human Rights
Being Active Citizens
Respecting Cultural Differences
Louis Zachary Class President