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8th Grade Curriculum


To help meet grade 8 course requirements, the North Dakota Studies program at the State Historical Society of North Dakota provides a print-based textbook titled North Dakota Legendary and an accompanying teacher resource guide to help teach the geography, history, government, citizenship, and agriculture of the state.
The North Dakota Studies program will also launch a new Grade 8 curriculum – North Dakota: People Living on the Land in 2014. The new online curriculum will be based on primary resource documents from the Archives of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.



North Dakota: People Living On The Land

North Dakota: People Living on the Land includes more than 90 topics on the history of North Dakota and is complemented with documents, photographs, maps, and films.  The curriculum covers the place that is today North Dakota from about 500 million years ago to the late twentieth century.  The topics range from the formation of soil to the recent oil boom; from the quarrying of flint to Bobcat manufacturing. The course is written for grade 8 students, but adult readers, too, will find much interesting information, some of it never before published, in North Dakota: People Living on the Land.   


North Dakota Legendary

North Dakota Legendary is designed to be a comprehensive discussion of North Dakota’s geography, history, government, and current issues.

North Dakota Legendary is a full color, 29-chapter textbook containing more than 400 pages of content and illustrations. More than 500 historical photographs, charts, maps, and other illustrations enhance and explain the reading content.

Teacher Resource Guide

The purpose of this Teacher Resource Guide is to assist the teacher in teaching about North Dakota Legendary. It is intended to be interdisciplinary and to act as a guide to supplement other activities that may be used in the classroom.


Energy: Powered by North Dakota

EnergyWelcome to Energy: Powered by North Dakota!  This new curriculum provides an in-depth look at North Dakota’s vast energy resources.  Energy: Powered by North Dakota is divided into two units – Level 1 (grade 4) and Level 2 (grade 8) – and each is designed as a two-week unit of study. 

Energy: Powered by North Dakota PDF




Other Lessons

USS North Dakota Other lessons have been written and developed to help teach a variety of North Dakota studies topics.  For example, the USS North Dakota lesson has grown into a social justice curriculum and a video presentation that can be utilized by teachers, students, and a wide group of community stakeholders.

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